New article: How to Copy Files from Bluestacks 4 to Windows

Wrote a guide to fix the problem with a lack of documentation out there. Click here to read it.

Post Icon Posted on: 2019-03-24

Accumulative updates for 2018

It's been 5 years and I'm happy to announce that Jackdaw Interactive is no longer on hiatus since last spring. Several old projects have seen welcome progress. I am overjoyed to say I even managed to salvage Counter-Invader thanks to new information online. The project had been lost for nearly a decade. A couple of major promised udpates are gearing up for release. I'll be looking forward to further announcements next year.

In the meantime the website has been extensivelly edited over the course of the summer. Most articles have been rewritten. Additionally I have released a selection of songs from a 2006 album of mine I found. It's been a good year.

Post Icon Posted on: 2018-10-08

New Colour Scheme

It took some work, but the new colour scheme is now up! Is pretty nice to have some splash of colour around here.

Post Icon Posted on: 2013-04-17

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