New Colour Scheme

It took some work, but the new colour scheme is now up! Is pretty nice to have some splash of colour around here.

Hopefully in the soon future there will be even more improvements to the website layout. The place certainly needs some sprucing up. We're working on it! ^_^

Post Icon Posted on: 17/4 2013

New Blog Post: Serenity Road, a Journey and a Dream

In the latest blog post, I explore the past 4 years and the roadblocks I was met by. Adult life hasn't treaten me well. I've felt powerless, lost and depressed many times over. But despite it all, I never lost sight of my goals.

Photo of Notebook

In other news, there's been some layout updates. The mods section was removed for the time being as its content was no longer relevant.

Post Icon Posted on: 15/4 2013

April Update

Good news, folks! Counter-Invader 1984 is going very well and gearing up for release. If all things comes together right it should be out by the end of the month. Here's a screenshot in the meantime, and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

Counter-Invader 1984 screenshot
Counter-Invader 1984 is coming along well.

Post Icon Posted on: 11/4 2013

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5/6 2013 Greatest Change: Minor edits.
17/4 2013 Greatest Change: New Colour Scheme on the site!
15/4 2013 Greatest Change: New article, Serenity Road, a Journey and a Dream.