SCIT - The Men Behind the Scenes.

A few of you may have (hopefully) noticed that there is an acronym that keeps appearing around me. SCIT stands for Special Counter-Invader Team and is an elite band deployed on high-risk missions versus the space invaders in Counter-Invader. So who are they? Let's delve in.

Basically, during the course of the main story, Lionel will at a various points cross roads with these SCIT guys. At first glance they look like small bands of super soldier/murder machines who are armed to the teeth. But that's just on the surface.

I'd love to disclose all the details on the characters of the SCIT teams, but I don't want to leave too many spoilers for now so let's stick to the surface. While most members of SCIT have their own specialised custom gear, here's some concept art of the universal SCIT gear which the rest are based on.

Generic concept art of an SCIT member between a Resistance member and an United Army troop.

There are four teams with four agents in each. Alpha team does most of the demolishing andleg work. You will be seeing them the most. Bravo team is the fire team, laying down a rain of death on enemy positions. Charlie team do the sniper and surveilance routine while staying hidden at vantage points. Finally there's the Delta Team who's job is to create diversions or stay behind and step in as backup reinforcements for Alpha team when things get heated. Below is a list of typical weaponry for each team.

I'm sure you will find a favourite team amoung these as you will be able to unlock and play as them in the final version of Counter-Invader through an online coop mode.

Post Icon Posted on: 2010-12-02