How Big is your Backlog?

Look at your game collection for a second. How many of your games have you beaten? Most gamers have never beaten most of the games they have bought. Heck, a lot of gamers haven't even opened some of the games they bought. Well, I'm no exception to having unfinished business; I too have a fair bunch of games I have yet to play through until the ending credits roll.

Out of all these new games, I have only beaten one. I'll be busy for a while. Click to view in full size.

Throughout the years I have probably played over 1000 games. of these I have beaten only about 150 titles. That's quite a lot of games, but as a percentage quite low. Although the high number can probably be attributed to curiously trying a whole bunch of random old game ROMs on an emulator.

In any case, I was thinking of dedicating some time to work through all those games I have long wished to play through properly but just couldn't or didn't feel like pulling through to the end with. I can think of several on top of my head.

And many more...

Care to join me? Make a list and start playing!

Posted on: 2011-01-16

Edited on: 2018-06-16