List of Video Games I have Completed

This lists every game I have played through and at the very least beaten. A gold star marks which I have confirmed to have completed 100% as well.

Current total: 200
58 11


Total: 15 games

Gameboy Color

Total: 7 games

Gameboy Advance

Total: 9 games

Nintendo DS

Total: 6 games


Total: 5 games

Super Nintendo

Total: 15 games

Nintendo 64

Total: 12 games

Nintendo Gamecube

Total: 2 games

Nintendo Wii

Total: 2 games

Sony Playstation

Total: 5 games

Sony Playstation 2

Total: 8 games

Sony Playstation 3

Total: 34 games

Sony Playstation Portable

Total: 2 games

Playstation Mini

Total: 1 game


Total: 5 games

MacOS Classic

Total: 10 games


Total: 38 games

Notice the absence of WW2 - Bush Battle: Operation Overlord. That bloody game is impossible to beat! Haha!

Mobile Java Games

Total: 21 games

* = Games made by Jackdaw Interactive Entertainment.
= Beaten on highest difficulty.
= 100% completion and beaten on highest difficulty.