Eagle's Music

On this page you will find a cherry-picked selection of Eagle's best music and game soundtracks. Enjoy!

Counter-Invader Soundtrack

The Complete Counter-Invader Beta Soundtrack

This is a high quality MP3 collection of the Counter-Invader Soundtrack. This zip archive includes 11 songs including previously unreleased and unused music. You can also download songs individually below.

Individual Songs:

#1 Counter-Invader Main Theme

#2 Counter-Invader River City

#3 Counter-Invader River City (Beta)

#4 Counter-Invader Haunted Woods

#5 Counter-Invader Crow Nest

#6 Counter-Invader Military Base

#7 Counter-Invader Ambush

#8 Counter-Invader Resurface

#9 Counter-Invader Tutorial Theme

#10 Counter-Invader Hot Seat Mode

#11 Counter-Invader Coop Mission 11

Miscellaneous songs

Rising Gait

My comeback to the tracker scene. Last time I made a full song in a tracker was with Meet New Friends back in 2007.

Spark Mandrill NES Remix

A FamiTracker release from 2009. It remixes the Spark Mandrill level theme song from Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo.

Pulse Spring

The best Pulse song I've ever made with Pulse Tracker. This is one of only few tunes that saw some enjoyment by others amoung my songs created through my Pulse series.

Syntetiska Synthar

Back in 2006 I assisted my friend Alexander Björk in starting up a small music publishing company called NoiseTrax UF. Syntetiska Synthar is an album I put together specifically for the company with a selection of my best songs at the time and a couple of new ones made with the SGM-180 soundbank and my Yamaha PSR-290 keyboard.

While the company predictably went bust trying to sell CDs in the mp3 player era, Björk went on to become a professional radio host and video game composer for Cavelight Entertainment, makers of a racing game called Velocity Stream (Steam link).

Meet New Friends

This song got a lot of positive reactions from a competition I entered it in. I made the song using Amiga technology alá the 90's, baby, hence the old school sound quality. Later included in the album "Syntetiska Synthar" published by NoiseTrax UF.

Beautiful Stories

Happy relaxation music. Made with the SGM-180 sound font.

Dawn At the Shore

Slightly upbeat relaxation music. SGM-180.

Abandoned Soil

Melancholic instrumental. Recorded on my Yamaha PSR-290.

Hideous Rain

High paced "Halloween"-sounding instrumental. PSR-290.

Richardo Fermand

Heavy and melancholic orchestral. PSR-290.