New Blog Post: Serenity Road, a Journey and a Dream

In the latest blog post, I explore the past 4 years and the roadblocks I was met by. Adult life hasn't treaten me well. I've felt powerless, lost and depressed many times over. But despite it all, I never lost sight of my goals.

Photo of Notebook

In other news, there's been some layout updates. The mods section was removed for the time being as its content was no longer relevant.

Post Icon Posted on: 2013-04-15

April Update

Good news, folks! Counter-Invader 1984 is going very well and gearing up for release. If all things comes together right it should be out by the end of the month. Here's a screenshot in the meantime, and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

Counter-Invader 1984 screenshot
Counter-Invader 1984 is coming along well.

Post Icon Posted on: 2013-04-11

Website Updates

I have made some changes to the website. Most eye-catching is probably the new twitter button! Follow us there to see more news as they happen. You might even see some screenshots on whatever I'm working on right now!

In other news, I've enrolled in technical college, studying embedded systems programming for 3 years. I'm learning the skills I need to take my games to the next level! So the next few years are going to be most exciting. Since I don't have a full time job to deal with, I also have more windows to work on my games and other projects.

Posted on: 2012-09-13

The Complete Counter-Invader Soundtrack

With today's update we see the release of the complete Counter-Invader Beta Soundtrack. This includes 11 high quality MP3 renderings and even some previously unused music.

In other news we have begun to archive news posts for historical reference. Scroll down to access them.

Music Icon Click here to download the Counter-Invader Soundtrack!

Posted on: 2012-04-04

And here's some more old games.

In tune with last week's update, I have reuploaded another batch of older games. Both Bush Battle games have been added, Slime Slayer X got its own sub-page and Tarana Target Practice has been released for what I think is the first time. Only five more major games remain unavailable. But they will be uploaded soon too, marking the completion of the games time line and the game library of Jackdaw Interactive.

Bush Battle screenshot
Bush Battle was the first major release on the PC and was very influential in later games.

In other news, the Download page as promised has been removed. Each game now has a dedicated page where you can download it from. Also, I have a new e-mail adress you can contact me at if you have any questions, requests or bug reports to send.

Check out the game library here. Tarana Target Practice Icon

Posted on: 2012-03-04

Return of Past Games

With the move to a paid host last year, I promised to bring back old games and content. Today, the suspended project Worm War, the sequel to Worm Hunt! see its return. The project was temporarilly aborted in 2009 due to artistic difficulties at the time. Plans for its continued development are being seriously considered.

Worm War Nuclear Swamp Screenshot
Old screenshot of Worm War from 2008. Click to view a larger image.

Currently, I am still busy working on the early productions of the next game. Design documents are being further touched up, level designs plotted out and scripts written. It's looking promising, but it's still early with tons of grunt work and crunch time ahead. I will be bringing more news on the project as development continues.

Early Sketch for a Horror Game
Crude sketch of part of the first chapter, partially detailing composition and scenery.

In other news, I'm thinking about removing the download page from the sidebar. It's a remnant from when the website was hosted on freewebs and I had arbitrary limitations on how many pages I could have on the site. It will probably disappear with the next update.

Worm War Icon Visit this page to download Worm War.

Posted on: 2012-02-21

A Beepy New Year!

At New Year 2007, I made a little program to celebrate the new year called Pulse Dream. Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the program and to honor it I have plowed through the old code of Pulse Tracker and finally completed Pulse Tracker v1.02a!

Pulse Tracker Logo
Pulse Tracker logo.

An update to Pulse Tracker has been long overdue. New improvements are plentiful. Amoung the most prominent are the inclusion of arpeggio chords, double order list length, new effects, song commentaries and better order list interface.

Click here to download Pulse Tracker!

Posted on: 2012-01-01

Advent of a new Horror

I usually prefer to stay quiet on new projects. However, since the last months I have been working on the design of an entirelly new game unrelated to Counter-Invader or the SCIT Engine. The project has already moved on to production stage with most of the design documents completed. Some concept art has been produced.

Concept Art
Early designs of the main characters. Subject to change at anytime.

Right now it's too early to do anything else other than to say we will have a different approach to the project that will lead to fewer delays and more tangible results. As we get further into development, there will be more revelations. For now just rest assured, we are working on it!

Posted on: 2011-12-04